Monday, October 24, 2005

The beginning of time

The beginning of time….blogger time. From now on all writing in my life will be labeled B.P.L. or A.P.L. By way of introduction, why am I starting this blog? There are many reasons which will be revealed over time. I am, at heart, a diarist and have stacks of paper notebooks with my writing scattered from one to many, in no particular order. Recently, I have begun corresponding via email and would like a way to consolidate all of my thoughts in one organized space. So, in a rambling way, I am starting PL to organize my life. If anyone choses to read my thoughts or even comment, so much the better. I am familiar and comfortable with the online experience (although I have some all-too-real understanding of the pitfalls of online communication). Why do I put my blogger diary out in public? Like at least some other diarists, I write so that someday, somehow others will know what my life was like, what it was like to live inside of my head. I also love to read historical diaries as a way of understanding what life was like in the past.

Like many other online devotees, I have online friends who support me and for whom I have a great deal of respect and who have inspired me to start here. We’re damn good typists too! I am of an age where at one time, being considered a good typist would be a skill worthy of derision. Long live feminism, may it rear its strong head again someday.


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Found ya! =)


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