Friday, April 14, 2006

what are you afraid of?

For the first time, I am feeling a little sad about the arrival of spring. Only in the sense that for the next 6 months, I will not be able to photograph my favorite tree shapes, crooked branches reaching out to life, that speak to me with such boldness. But any sadness is replaced by the shear beauty of watching and now photographing the swelling of the buds and the exploding wash of tender green on the trees all around me. And then there are the pinks and whites and reds of the fruit trees. But I love to look at all of the other trees as they flower; it is almost like a secret because many people don’t think that they even flower. I have a beautiful Emerald Queen Maple in my front yard. It is a fast growing tree with huge leaves that provide cool shade to my south-facing yard. I love the texture of its bark and the opposite branching and the smooth shape and rich brown color of its buds.
It is turning green overnight. Tomorrow I will look at how much more green there is. I am too taken with the transformation to be sad about the cloak of leaves to follow. Welcome!


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