Sunday, June 04, 2006

lost my way

It is one of those days when I have lost my way. It started out fine with a leisurely sunrise walk to take photographs. I ventured down the hill from Top of the World, lured by the spikes of yucca, Yucca glauca, flowers standing tall, bathed and glowing in the morning sun. I set about getting an interesting or good shot of the yucca flowers when I noticed that every spike was covered with aphids and a few large ants and ladybugs. That seemed to be the point at which I lost my way. I kept seeing things and then looking closer for the details. Some days this works fine and is a pleasure of discovery. Other days, this seems to be a way to avoid making it from point a to point b on the list of things to do!

Wild licorice, Glycyrrhiza lepidota (on the right) and a cobweb-enshrouded seedhead (above) from last year!


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Coeur Mechant said...

"Some of the most beautiful and important acts in life are done with no purpose whatsoever -- though they may serve a purpose which is something very different!"
The Tao Is Silent
by Raymond M. Smullyan


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