Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sanctuary of the geese

Got up early and arrived at the Lake at Addenbrook Park by 5:22 a.m.
The sky was already full of pink and promise.
I tried not to drive too fast but there is a sense of urgency
when it comes to sunrise or sunset photography.

The colors were breathtaking for about 34 minutes, that’s all. That time passes in an instant as I click away and try different locations and settings.

A man walking his dog asked me if I was a photographer and what kind I camera I was using. I told him I was an amateur photographer. He said he was aspiring to be an amateur photographer. From his description of his favorite routes and subjects, I would say he is already there!

I spent the entire shoot dodging the large sprinklers that were drenching the area. After the colors faded, the sky was filled with textured white clouds. But it is the pink colors that touch me and keep me coming back.


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Pault said...

Greetings, Ptelea. What beautiful photos. You describe my favorite time of day, about 1 hour before sunrise. Everything is just perfect then. The weather. The light. The quiet. The calm. I get up every day about this time and head out to the park with my camera.

I tried evening photography, but that's not for me in the summer time! It's still 90+ and very humid, here in Charlotte, NC, in the evenings.


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