Sunday, September 28, 2008

safely on the ground

I think we all look back (or even forward) to those defining moments when a sense of relief warms our being. It signals the end of a string of events or high pressure situations or just situations fraught with potential danger. I have been looking forward to this time when the field portion of my project was complete and my older son was safely tucked away at school in France.

This past week was the settling down time, getting-back-in-sync-time - that time on the flight between when you feel the plane beginning to descend and the pilot announces that they will have you safely on the ground in twenty minutes. Like most real life situations, mine had a few bumps on the way and then my son announced a quick trip home to get his winter things. He also asked if we could acquire a list of items that he thought he needed for his life over there. My mothering instinct kicked into overdrive and I shopped and orchestrated the aid of my younger son and even my ex-husband. It was neck and neck but we managed to get together the things my son most wanted. He arrived home yesterday afternoon and we made the most of an 18-hour visit. We shopped a little and then had a very nice dinner with brother, father, step-mother, half-sister, uncle and me! We celebrated my son's success and complained about the state of the world!

This morning, we packed up his two checked items, one large suitcase and one bicycle (destined for commuting the streets of Paris). After making the mistake last time of having an overweight bag (a rookie mistake!!) we carefully weighed things as we packed and each bag came in under 50 pounds. There was no line at oversize check-in, giving us a few more minutes to relax. My son has traveled so much that I don't get sad when he leaves. We are close and communicate regularly. I see these times as the doors to a life well-lived. Always something to celebrate. For me, I work a few days, recuperate some more and then head to New York to see my Aunt next weekend.

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At 6:38 PM, Blogger Ellie said...

Your son looks good and happy. I congrats on the great job you have done.

Have fun in NY and I'll be getting in touch soon.


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