Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama fever and Palin headache...

I was fortunate to score a ticket to Obama's acceptance speech at the last minute. I am working on a post for that but not quite finished. My lame excuse is that I need to do a little more processing of my photos! Meanwhile, I have spent too many hours looking into this person that McCain selected for his running mate. I am appalled at his choice and even more disgusted with the rancorous months that lay ahead as we argue endlessly over everything under the sun. Without denigrating her, I do not believe she has the experience to handle this job or the job of the presidency. If you have ever hired people, it is not a difficult conclusion. I am even more appalled that we are so willing to lower the standards for this job because we are involved in the politics AND she is a spunky, no-nonsense maverick or some such claims.
Should we not talk about RELEVANT experience?

As I work through all of this, I continue to take pictures and I am NOW going to be buying Photoshop CS3 for home use. Finally!! I am very excited to have it available to continue learning.

Work has kept and continues to keep me busier than a person should be. I have some upcoming travel that is going to be very exciting - a wetland in Oregon, another visit to my Aunt in New York City and who knows where else.
I am also saving my money for a spring trip to Paris, since my older son leaves Wednesday to start graduate school there.

Wasn't it nice of him to work hard and get accepted into École normale supérieure ?

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At 8:36 AM, Blogger Blueberry said...

Looking forward to your post on the Obama event. I, too, have been obsessing a bit on the Palin choice. Seems like a joke.

I have been browsing some of the OT threads over on the forum, and will not get involved in them because they are too combative and hostile (not an environment I enjoy), but wanted to tell you that I could practically add "ditto" to your input, both on the environmental and VP threads... but then "ditto" is such a lame contribution. haha.

As for the 18 million who voted for Hillary, it is wrong to think of them as a block. She got a huge number of votes (a small percentage but significant in numbers) because of Rush and people like that urging the GOPers to vote against Obama in the primaries. I think most of them will switch to Obama. (My first choice was Kucinich but I'm not going to write him in. He didn't even manage to get on the Texas ballot despite Willie Nelson and a lawsuit.) Then there are some hard-core folks who will write in Hillary, vote for McCain for whatever reason, or stay home. If McCain thinks this will get him 18 million more votes, it will not be all from the previous Hillary people. Right-wing Evangelicals, maybe.

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Ellie said...

I watched about 5 minutes of Palin's acceptance speech. Not impressed. I could of delivered about the same given a good speech writer.

Paris in spring?????

Did the NDC draw as much anarchy as the NRC?


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