Friday, May 13, 2011

back in the saddle

I love my 50mm lens. With it, I can take dynamite macros. The other wondrous thing is to work on bokeh and framing. What I like, in layman's terms, is managing an interesting photo while creating out-of-focus points of light. I often just take a few photos quickly and then go off to work or something else. It is virtually impossible to know if you have a great shot until you upload it to the computer and look at it full size on the monitor. Another way is to take some images, actually take the time to carefully select the composition, play with exposure and lighting. Then go inside to the computer and check them out. I leave the tripod in place so that I can easily tweak the shot to correct for obvious errors or just make improvements or reframe. And finally, I use cropping to make further artistic statements. I often go back and forth many times before I am pleased with the results or just give up:) It is not that different from life. Sometimes it is good to trim away and discard something that is beautiful on its own if doing so will expose a new jewel.

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At 8:24 PM, Blogger Steve Skinner said...

I love the idea that sometimes it is good to trim away and discard something..... Something that we should practice in life more often!

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