Monday, November 14, 2005

And So Winter Begins...

Yesterday, the weather changed so abruptly that I had to stop working and watch. I took so many pictures at work of the scene outside my window that my co-workers started asking me what was going on!

I checked weatherunderground and it mentioned a high wind warning. That struck me as odd because it seemed so calm....that is until I saw the big tree out across the parking lot swaying back and forth like the Tin Man!

“At 3:15 p.m. it is getting dark - the clouds and winter storm are descending on the city. The temperature has dropped from about 58 degrees at noon to the upper 30's now. I hear thunder and it is snowing”

The storm was predicted but the day started out much nicer than expected. However, there was an air of something hanging over the divide – the approaching storm. By 3 o’clock, when I looked out my window at work, I could see the reflection of the clouds swirling around – announcing the arrival of sleet and then snow, soon enveloping Green Mountain.

It is time to get in that winter frame of mind – that ‘I can be outside in any weather’ kind of mindset. Once you gather the clothing needed for any kind of weather (and it really isn’t that much) you can truly spend time outdoors in any weather and be comfortable. I even try to get out and experience at least one blizzard per winter. Does that sound crazy? Other than looking crazy, it is an experience that you won’t forget. Just remember the goggles!


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