Sunday, November 06, 2005

Love of My Life

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but Wiskerz is the love of my life (honestly, there may be a few others but…)

I’ve heard some people say that they would like to have a pet so that they can receive unconditional love. Those people don’t know Wiskerz. His love is strong but far from unconditional. As the object of his affections, I am required to perform a long list of duties:

Abbreviated List:

feed him canned food on demand (any time of day or night)
provide fresh water constantly
share my drinking glass of water with him (after all, he is willing to share his with me)
hold him like a baby especially when I am trying to type at the computer
let him in and out all day long
let him out right before I go to bed so that I have to stay up later to let him in
let him sample any and all food that I am eating
bring leftovers home from Red Lobster (especially shrimp)
buy only canned food with gravy so that he can eat only the gravy
feed him canned food immediately after getting up in the morning – allowed one snooze cycle – before a nudge in the face with his paw reminds me of this duty

All of this AND he thinks that the nose on my face is something for him to bite!

What we do for our kitties!


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Blueberry said...

Love those little white spots on the nose and mouth! Spots are either good luck or mischief... maybe both!

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Ptelea said...

I would say he is lucky (as are we) and very mischievious or sometimes even downright ornery. Sometimes if he doesn't get what he wants (more canned food) he will get up on the kitchen counter and deliberately knock things off onto the floor. One of those times, he knocked a full Brita pitcher of water onto the floor - which shattered as well as flooded the kitchen. What a devil. I say he is lucky because the day we brought him home from the humane society as a kitten, we stopped at the grocery store for his supplies and for some reason purchased prepared shrimp. He decided then and there it was a match made in heaven and has LOVED shrimp ever since. I say we are lucky because he is such a great companion and buddy.


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