Thursday, November 17, 2005

Attitude Adjustment

I woke up this morning at 4:00 a.m. wondering why. I have come to believe there are reasons why we have these feelings. Once when I was in a long distance relationship, he and I were on such a similar wavelength that our emails would cross at the same time somewhere in the large expanse that separated us. He was usually going to sleep as I was waking up. Every now and then I have this feeling that we are having some shared bit of energy – but probably not. He closed his heart to me long ago even if I never will. He would call that ‘not moving on’ while I call it a fundamental difference. When I make a place in my heart for someone, I think it is always there. Forever. He ties off lose ends and his life is neat and tidy. My life will always be a mosaic of past experiences. One common phrase in the online dating scene is ‘thou shalt have no baggage’. I resist this with my whole being. There is a difference between dwelling on the past or denying it and embracing the richness and multi-colored facets that it has added to your life. Why would you not want to ‘carry’ that with you?

It didn’t help to wake up this morning to read the headline “Cheney rips war critics as opportunistic.” That man causes a violent recoil in me – how did this country end up with such hateful people in power? I am beginning to feel (ever the optimist) that the American people have had enough of this hate-filled regime. It really is time to take back our country. Don’t you think? Any ideas how?

No wonder we fill our blogs with our kitties and stories of our bike rides and the music that we love – it is simply too hard to always deal with the mess that Bush has made of this country and even this world. Too scary to think what all of this is leading to if we don’t do something to stop it.

NOTE: Do Not start out the day reading about Cheney – nothing but toxic waste comes out of his mouth. Meditate….Think Positive Thoughts….Think of ways to make something good happen today – no matter how small…Brighten someone’s day Today.


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