Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wiskerz and his Temper - the Scene of the Crime

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - evening

It is one of those days when I feel a little less than stellar. The storm yesterday was exciting but today is just plain cold. It was very bright and sunny and warmed all the way up to 30°F. Right now at 8:00 p.m. it is 20° F. (minus 7° C!) The ground is covered in snow and the shadows of the trees are visible because the moon is full. I would take photos but I forgot to buy batteries and I am too cold and lazy to drive to the store.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 (20°F)

News update: I got out and bought batteries last night – I must have known that I would want to take a picture of something! I was working on this post when I heard a large crash in the kitchen. It was Wiskerz up to his old tricks! You see, we had chicken wings for dinner and through some major oversight forgot to give him any (actually it was pre-meditated because he is so damn messy – he insists on dragging the sauce-covered meat onto the carpet to eat). So when he doesn’t get what he wants, he goes looking for it. I had put the chicken away but left a large pot of rice on the stove (what can I say – now I have to admit that I am not the best housekeeper – sometimes I don’t clean up the kitchen until the next day – ok lets just say I live like the stereotypical bachelor). There on the kitchen floor was the pot with rice scattered all over the place – and Wiskerz didn’t even have the decency to act interested in eating it. He knew damn well that it wasn’t the chicken. I think he knows exactly what he is doing when he knocks things on the floor! Just now, he kept pestering me so I tried to put him outside and he resisted and ran down the hall to the bedrooms to get away. He is so like a little kid having a tantrum. Do I sound mad? Actually, these funny little habits just endear him more to me. And he knows that too!

Coming Soon: As soon as I can take a decent photo, I will tell you the story of Wiskerz and how he plays Frisbee. (don’t forget, Wiskerz is a cat although sometimes he acts more like a dog!)


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