Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Denver Skyline

Sometimes I forget that I can see the Denver skyline from my dining room window. Of course, it is only readily visible in the winter months when the all of the deciduous trees have shed their leaves.
I am fascinated by this changing perspective.

When I stayed overnight in the city a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by how cold it was. In among all of those skyscrapers, the sun was blocked from providing its life-giving warmth. I felt the same thing at the ski area this past Saturday, but in that case, it was hotels and condominiums blocking out the sun’s warmth. Yet as I look through these trees from my window now, I realize that while they may block my view they don’t block my sun. Even when the trees outside of my window are fully decked out in leaves, they capture, transfer and filter the energy from the sun!

I am thankful for this view….from a distance.


At 6:04 AM, Blogger George said...

We live on a tree lined street on top of a large hill. Inthe winter we get about 270 degree of view of the entire city.

It's pretty cool, but like you-I'd rather enjoy it from a distance.


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