Friday, December 09, 2005

The Calm After the Storm

I am still recovering from all of the crazy weather we had this week, 90 mph winds, minus 10ºF at night, not to mention the reality of having to deal with the downed fence and the car that probably needs a new fuel injector (a much bi$$er deal with a CNG vehicle than a normal vehicle!). All of this weight brings me to a crossroads.

This morning I bundled up to go out and take pictures. My work schedule won’t allow a 2-hour escape, so I thought I would just indulge in some photography at top of the world. It is changed outside – the insanity is over – our normal, tolerable, yes even pleasant weather is back. I could have dressed lightly and been comfortable. All week, it was a struggle to stay warm but now the sun is back and the frigid cold is gone.

The calm after the storm.

I can choose to continue to wrap myself in the warmth of that extra blanket and cocoon or I can strap on my snowshoes and head for the mountain! Tomorrow is the first snowshoe race of the season! It would have been nice to have a week of carefully measured exercise, healthy eating and rest. But as usual, life throws you many curves. My week was one of staying up late, worrying about bills and eating a little too much comfort food. I could be totally unprepared for the race. I can choose to go out with the best of intentions and full of energy and potential OR I can choose to be defeated before I even leave my house. It will be something like my 12th race and I am going to treat it like my first. Except, of course, I will not forget all of the little tricks I have learned!


At 9:22 PM, Blogger the old bag said...

Good for you! Get your @ss out there and kick some butt...or some attitude, whichever. Have a ball!

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice picture. I can picture the moment well.


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