Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sepia Morning

I love that muffled quiet that exists early in the morning after it has snowed. It was warm and calm yet still snowing as I headed up the steps to top of the world park. I was surprised that there was already a set of footprints in the snow – headed down the steps! With the clouds and snow, the only light was from the city. It cast a beautiful sepia tone to the morning. There was a lot of activity, snowplows with their flashing lights as well as the independent guy with a blade on the front of his truck out plowing roads and parking lots. I was reminded that this is one of those busy holiday weekends when lots of people will be out and about. I plan to celebrate with a long, self-indulgent hike!

There was enough snow to make the going a little slow and slippery but not enough to break out the snowshoes. I’m sure I would have snapped a cleat on the rocks if I had worn them. But I downshifted and was in no hurry to complete my hike. I have to be somewhere by 4:00 this afternoon! On the way up, my only companions were the many deer but on the way down I kept encountering clusters of runners, about 30 total, part of a running club that goes to a different area each weekend. There must have been 15 cars in the parking lot when I returned!

I saw lots of beautiful shapes in the snow – it is early enough in the winter that the dried grasses and forbs are still standing, not yet flattened by wind and snow. The ice makes little flags on each blade of grass. I returned home 3½ hours after I left. The time had passed effortlessly, energizing rather than tiring. I think I’ve got my winter legs!


At 12:53 PM, Blogger Blueberry said...

The snow really looks beautiful! I enjoy pictures of it, and you've got some nice ones there, but am enjoying the mid-80s temps we are having. Be careful on your hikes!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Jeen Lilly said...

I am so stealing that picture of the stairs.
here's the thought to go with it:

how snow transforms our worlds...

I mused:
If only a blanket of
thought could effect
such a change..
But it does.
My good intentions
so pure, fresh;
laying a unified theme
a purpose to my life...
so easily melted and
run off by the heat of
indifferent footprints
turning the perfect --
into slush.

© 12/4/05 Jeen Lilly


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