Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Life

It was only 15º F when I headed out this morning but with no wind it felt fine. If I survive a few more days like this, I will consider myself winterized. The theme for today became: familiar things I see on Green Mountain. I saw no regulars; the parking lot was empty. But I saw scores of deer. I photographed the deer, the switchbacks that I love to skip down, the section of trail that always makes me think of alligator skin, the cobbled texture of the trail as it flattens out by the tower, the giant houses with pink clouds above, the sun-glistening on the wind-flattened grasses, more eyelash grass, a skunkbush-filled ravine, and the list goes on. As I look down on the switchbacks, I realize (for the thousandth time) that I can see all of the places of my life spread out before me. There is the high school, the tennis courts, the baseball field, the grocery store, the gas station, the building where I work, the trees by the steps that lead down to my house from the soccer field, top of the world park and the list goes on. As much as I moved around as a child, you might be surprised at how small my home range is now. I do venture out, of course, but I have discovered and thrive in this little piece of the world. My older son sees things differently. He tried numerous times to get me to move someplace more interesting when he was in high school. I am glad I didn’t bow to his considerable pressure. For now, he is living in Florence, Italy. We both have what we need. I keep telling myself that I should start branching out in where I hike. And my answer to that is: while I won’t say no to opportunity, I won’t seek out change until I stop discovering new beauty to celebrate and embrace.


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