Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Today I started out with a plan to make hiking the priority. It is a day to bop up the trail wearing headphones, listening to some new music that has me completely enchanted, enough so that I am willing to break from my tradition of no headphones. Good music energizes me and sets a playful pace for my legs over the trail.

A tall black bank of clouds sitting on the horizon dictated a dark gray sky; no dim rosy glow this morning! Hiking seemed the wise choice of priorities. The calm warmth of this December morning wrapped its arms around me and I was easily drawn up the trail. With every footstep, the sky began to fill with clouds of every shape and size. As I reached the hill before the summit, the colors brightened and splashed across the sky. I felt a sense of urgency as I threw down my pack and set up the tripod. A cold and insistent wind had arrived. There was such beauty in every direction. I felt a rush to photograph; first to the south and then to the north, a stunning scene everywhere that my eye could see. Sometimes when I am out with the camera I look for images to photograph; other times like now, the images are just there; they call to me.

I took photos until my camera rudely announced to me:
Battery Exhausted!

I put on some warmer clothes as I stood on my rock for my morning meditation. Briefly, regret that I could take no more photos washed over me. But the breathtaking scene all around me filled me with the wisdom that Life always gives you another chance.
It may be different than the missed opportunity;
it may even be better!

(all photos can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/a4ag5)


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