Thursday, November 17, 2005

Windfall of Disorganization

Sometimes it actually helps to be disorganized. Not too long ago, I got very lazy and didn’t pay my bills for awhile. I kind of spaced out one month and then paid a lot of money to Xcel Energy to bring my account up to even. This morning one of the worries that ‘helped’ me wake up was the sound of the furnace and predicting how large my utility bill would be this month. Then while I was online, I got the notification that my Xcel bill was available for my viewing pleasure (something to that effect). To my eye-popping amazement, the bill said I owed $5.27! I logged on to my account to check, thinking that this MUST be some mistake. But apparently in my disorganization, I paid my outstanding bill TWICE. So I only owe $5.27 this month. OMG – what am I going to do with all of that extra money - that windfall?

p.s. I stole this dog from my online dating site - there is a very sweet man who uses this image to attract women - I hope he doesn't mind - I promise to pass on any names to him if they express interest! Would you date the owner of this dog? - Yes I would if he didn't live thousands of miles away. I'd much rather date a man who shows pictures of his dog than pictures of his motorcycle. What is the deal with 50-something men and their motorcycles? I don't have anything against motorcycles but there seem to be a disproportionately large number of men of this age who have them. I guess I just don't get it - but then more than one person has told me that! I will just have to carry on in my own clueless way.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Blueberry said...

I used to date a biker many years ago. Before him I didn't mind motorcycles at all, but he definitely turned me against them. It was easy to see where the term "basket case" came from. His bike was always strewn through the house - nuts, bolts and metal shavings embedded in every inch of everything! He would practically sleep with some of the shinier pieces. So technically, I was not a "biker chick" since most of the time this thing was not assembled enough to be called a "bike". Anyway, the thing that turned me against them was HIM. An abusive, racist sociopath. Gave me an irrational dislike of motorcycles. Oh well...


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