Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Memories

I am beginning to feel ready for my next big challenge. Consider this a draft photo for some of the stories that I want to write about my Grandmother Doris. She was a big influence in my life. I realize this even more as I get older. As I write these stories, I will reveal many things including how I came up with the name of my blog – it has an actual story behind it!

Now that Christmas is over, I will spend part of tomorrow getting just the right photo. There are many things I want to express in the photo that will I take of my Grandmother’s teapot. She bought it in India where she lived for a few years back in the early 1950’s. We shared many a fine cup of tea brewed in this old pot and it holds many memories for me.

I realize today after a very quiet Christmas that this holiday for me is a time of memories. Not simply memories of Christmas’ past but of people and times before. It is a good time to begin writing.


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