Thursday, December 22, 2005

Garage Shui

Yes, I am the woman leaning out the car window with the camera taking photos of the sunset! Notice, I didn’t hold up traffic; I started moving the very second that the light changed to green. We were on the way home from picking up my son’s new guitar. It had been on order for several weeks and he had lost confidence that it would arrive before Christmas. I kept telling him that I thought that it would and sure enough, Jason of Drum City - Guitarland was able to get the one he wanted. I highly recommend this shop for all of your guitar and drum needs. Jason’s father opened the store in 1965 and it is NOT a chain. They are customer service oriented and they also do a large mail-order/internet business. As their site says, website updated daily. I have found them to be nothing more than completely honest in all of our dealings with them. It turns out the color my son wanted is rare. He is thrilled, I am more broke and now I am going on a diet to help pay for it! That is right, one of the ways I will help pay for it is to buy less food. You don’t expect me to make my tall thin 17-year-old eat less, do you? He has to sell his old guitar, hand over all Christmas gifts of cash, start remembering to turn out the lights when he leaves a room (yeah, right!) and do other chores that I need help with: process the remnants of my fence that still lay strewn in the back yard, clean up the basement so that it is a place worthy of playing his new guitar, AND practicing some of that bike shui* that The Old Bag keeps talking about. Like all good 17-year-old’s, he already thinks I am crazy, so what further harm could it do to tell him I want to perform feng shui on the garage? I simply want all of my ‘junk’ arranged tastefully so that I don’t stumble over it. Does this sound a little too ambitious?

*The ancient practice of placement and arranging your bikes on a garage wall to reflect balance and harmony in your house. Bikes must be placed just so -- according to what was, what is and maybe a place for what could be.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger George said...

Ya know, our garage is the only room in the house that is "mine" and *I* think it looks organized.

My wife on the other hand thinks it looks junky.

Maybe it's time to rearrange the bikes:-)

At 7:02 AM, Blogger the old bag said...

We can all use a bit more Shui.

George brings up a good Shui generalized or individualized? Can one person's Shui be another person's Dark Side?

This might be a question for the Master.....

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Ptelea said...

Today, Christmas Day, I will begin the 'Garage Shui Project' It may take a very long time and I will have to work without benefit of the Master....(story to follow....sinking very low in blog topics!)


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