Sunday, December 18, 2005

Geese Esprit

My newfound passion is leading me to fresh avenues of discovery. I have started revisiting parks where much of my life was spent watching my two sons play baseball in years past. The city park I visited today is a secluded place on a cold winter afternoon just as the sun is setting, that is unless you are a Canadian goose! This is their metropolis, free from the bothersome interference of humans.
They didn’t seem to notice me, one lone intruder.

My goal today was to photograph the sunset, yet it disappeared rather quickly behind a bank of clouds.
I turned and hurried to the loud ruckus that is the avian social center:
birds flying in and out, splashing, honking, commotion and camaraderie. The park today was a study in white: white ground, white sky, white ice, white air. The cold stark landscape was in magnificent contrast to the giddy energy of the geese esprit. I took some photographs and then had to leave to get back to my warm home, my life of color. Even though the geese world is now colored white, their lives are anything but colorless. I am truly an observer from the cold distant outside. How different from the days of summer, when this park is filled all of the hours of the day with the bustle of human life.
Today, the road in isn’t even plowed of snow: making for more white.


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