Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The allure of the hour before sunrise is enigmatic. I may be looking in the expected whereabouts on the horizon, only to glance away and find the sweet crescent moon peeking out from behind the elm branches. I have read of photographers who take their time setting up a shot, checking each angle and selecting the best possible composition. But I find that my subjects are so nomadic that any hesitation is a missed opportunity. I am immersed in experiencing the beauty unfolding before me and at the same time focused on capturing it in images of like charm. I have no desire for the act of taking photographs to eclipse the experience, for me they must join in harmony. It is very satisfying to combine the hike with the photography. On my way home, I wonder like a little kid if I will be bringing home any magic. My body feels good and my spirits are high. If I have managed to capture any of my objects of desire, well that is just a little extra helping of life’s grace!


At 7:23 PM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Hi! Great photos here. I'm a bit of a tree nut myself, so these are great. Thanks for your comment over at my blog. So you actually asked that question! It's a darn good question. I think we should fire those Democratic professors if they can't do a better job than that. That's great. I figured it must have occurred to somebody else to ask that. And it is fun to rant, isn't it? Don't think I've such a fun bunch of comments on any single post. Got you bookmarked and I'll add you to my roll. Best,...

At 4:28 AM, Blogger George said...

I like your photography a whole bunch:-)

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it a lot too. It even inspired me to go out and buy a nice camera.
I also love trees, and those last shots of those massive trees remind me of years ago. I have lived in Texas for about 11 years now and we don't have trees like that here in this part of Texas.

I have joked before that Texas doesn't have trees - it has decorative bushes...

Keep doing the photography. You've found a worthwhile passion. and it's something you are good at. And it keeps you outside exercising in fresh air. It's all good.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger the old bag said...

On my way home, I wonder like a little kid if I will be bringing home any magic.

love this idea
the magic-bringing
is why we each do what we do

what of those who chose not
to find magic
does the magic wait
or does it go home with others

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Ptelea said...

Neil, George and V. - THANK YOU so much for looking, enjoying and encouraging me.

The Old Bag - I think the magic goes home with the others who chose it AND it is always waiting AND there is ALWAYS enough for everyone!


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