Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was up early this morning working on a report. It was mostly cloudy so I kept working with the idea that I would go out close to sunrise and see what was going on! Then I glanced out and saw some beautiful intense color. That prompted my ‘get dressed in seconds and out the door routine’ that has the cats jumping out of my way for their own safety. They know that then is not the time to beg for food. By the time I got up to Top of the World, the color had started to fade and with the dark clouds, the lighting was not so great. But then for a few short minutes the colors came up again and I got some beautiful shots. It was warm and very pleasant to be out.

Off in the distance, I heard a dog bark. I knew exactly which dog it was. This dog’s human is very friendly and he explained to me that his dog is compelled to bark at anything he sees up at Top of the World that he thinks is out of place or is an intruder. That includes all people and sometimes the athletic equipment on the soccer field! So his barking is a sort of alarm. He is a small, older dog who isn’t the least bit threatening. I got to pet him and then he started to roll on the ground on his back across the grass. It was just hilarious because he just kept sliding across the grass for many feet and then got up and then dived down and did it again. I just couldn’t stop laughing! I tried to take his picture but he moves fast and my camera was set for the bright colors of the sunrise. But now he has me wanting to take good photos of the various dogs I see at the park. It is rare for a day or two to go by when I don’t see at least one dog. Ah…. just another challenge.
(I apologize in advance for the quality of this photo but I am glad I got anything!)

And Bingo was his name-o!

As I post this, I hear the sounds of snap-crackle-pop outside as the rain & sleet begins. The forecast is for a winter storm and 6-12 inches of snow. I hope we get it - I will be out there in a few short hours!!


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