Friday, October 20, 2006

return to Golden Hill

I have been thinking of new places to go for sunrise. With the sunrise right at around 7:15, any drive takes me through rush hour traffic and the need for more time. If you want to see an impatient driver, follow me when I am trying to get somewhere in time for sunrise. Every minute counts!!!

I decided to head back to Golden Hill Cemetery because I remembered that it had a good exposure for sunrise viewing. I decided I could park next door in the parking lot of the vacant building. After second thought, I parked down the road on an area of wide shoulder!

The cemetery looks very much the same except that I see several head stones have been pushed over and little rocks have been placed on top of many of the headstones. The view for these long departed people is gorgeous if they were able to see it.

The intense colors lasted only about 8 minutes and then the gray returned. We are expecting rain changing to snow by tonight. I noticed a zoning change request on the property to the east. It looks like someone is proposing a retail and residential development there on the undeveloped parcel adjacent to the cemetery. I have to feel sad that this little island of rest may have a Starbucks next to it someday soon.


At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Paul said...

Thumbs down for the Starbucks! Thumbs way up for the photo. I love the intensity of the color! Wow!


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