Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lookout Mountain from sunrise to sunset

I had thought about a trip to the mountains this morning but being rather busy this weekend, I didn't want to give it the time it would deserve. So I will save that trip for the future.

I headed for nearby Lookout Mountain and instead of driving up to the top, I found much to interest me right at the entrance to this scenic drive.

I was fascinated with the big stone gateway at the entrance. After returning home, I found an interesting article about this drive with photos of the stone gateway back when there were no houses practically on top of them. These majestic stone columns definitely look a little crowded compared to years ago when they were build in 1917! I am going to go back to see if I can get a better perspective on these columns but I think that there are too many road signs around them to get a clear view.

I spent the day working and then thoughts of going back and actually driving to the top of Lookout Mountain entered my mind. So I decided to take sunset photos up there this evening. It was just another little mini- adventure. I didn’t make it anywhere near the top. I found a place to pull over that had paved parking.

And that is where I spent the day’s end.


At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Paul said...

I love those little day trips. The light on the side of those columns is absolutely gorgeous. So warm and inviting!

I see what you mean about the houses. Too bad about that. Anything to make money, but I guess that's how the columns got there too.


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