Friday, November 10, 2006


Have you ever had one of those days when you are driven to say:

No more
Never again
It’s not going to happen
That’s it!
I’m done.


Well, this morning, I had the opposite experience. In my quest to photograph sunrise every day for a year, I have taken to researching new places to go because as some of you have noted, sunrise can get a tad boring ….day after day…especially from the same place!!

SO, today I headed to Crown Hill Park and had another very fine experience. Lately, I have started getting into the energy of the regulars who have made these fine parks their own. Each and every park or wildlife area seems to have its regulars who LOVE being there. I think you tend to see a very dedicated group at sunrise. Today, I spoke with three women who were getting their exercise and having a very sociable time. They asked me if I had gotten any photos of the beautiful sunrise. We started talking and their enthusiasm and love for this park were evident in the way they all three started telling me at once about particular notable sunrises. Since I have this kind of relationship with Green Mountain and Top of the World Park, I know exactly what they mean. Having been somewhat of a ‘wilderness’ snob at times in my life, this is a revelation. I have driven by this park hundreds of times and not been terribly interested. But once you step out of ‘the rest of the world’ into this world, the beauty surrounds and embraces you…if you let it!

I sense another shift! I want to visit as many of these beautiful parks as I can and at the same time I want to come back time and time again – I want to become a regular!

There is so much more!
Again – over and over!
Anything can happen – it just takes time and an open mind!
I am just beginning!


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I REALLY like that last one.


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