Saturday, November 18, 2006

traffic all around

While driving on friday, I saw a vantage point that I thought would make for good sunrise photos. So off I went this morning to test my theory. Dodging cars and hoping the police didn't think I was in an inappropriate place, I stood on a safe island of land between the on-ramp and the freeway. An RTD bus stopped near where I stood while the driver got out to move a traffic cone that had fallen into her lane. A construction worker came over to where I stood later on the overpass to admire the sunrise with me. Just another sunrise adventure.

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At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating that the construction worker wanted to come stand where you were to see the sunrise as well.
That says so much about how art touches the soul of anyone and everyone.
He recognized that you were photographing something of value - there would be no point otherwise - and then decided that if it was worth your trouble to get up early, get your camera gear together, travel to a place where you had no other business causing you to be at for that time, setup, and then take pictures, then it must be worth a few moments of his time to just walk over and watch it too.
Suddenly, it's not just the photo that is the art.
It is something else. Something present and imminent in that place and time. Something I wrote a song about many years ago. It is called, "The Art Of The Moment".

In that moment where two people are sharing a wonder at the same beautiful picture of the ultimate technology - Nature.

Oh, to have more moments like that crammed into our lives. I wish I could be there to share some of those moments too. Colorado has enough topography to allow you to see an unobstructed view of the horizon because you can get up higher than the buildings.

But where I live in Texas it's pretty flat and houses obscure what is sometimes otherwise beautiful rises and sets.
But the weather has only recently cooled enough that we're getting clouds. During the hot months, it is mostly clear skies all day every day, and there is nothing of note to see.

In skies, as in life - it's the clouds that make it interesting. A sky without clouds is not worth looking at, and a life without some adversity and adventure, is a life not worth living or talking about.

For those of us with no art in our skies, we live vicariously through YOUR eyes. Thanks for that! :-)


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Ptelea said...

Thank you for your thoughts - it is my pleasure if my photos can bring you some enjoyment!

I am spoiled about where I go for sunrise. Top of the World Park, right by my house has a beautiful unobstructed view. But I like to go other places and I have a hard time going down into a place with obstructed views.


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