Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maybe I should leave earlier?

I have started sleeping through my alarm, which goes off about 1-½ hours before sunrise. So even if I finally wake up 20 minutes late, I have time to spare, right? I always check to see the cloud situation to know whether or not to get excited. This morning was a definite “get excited” morning. I remembered to charge the battery last night but didn’t remember to tape up the broken leg on my tripod! But I was still out the door with time to spare and a roll of electrical tape in my pocket just in case.

I went back to Kendrick Lake Park and exchanged greetings with a runner. He said with a serious face, “beautiful sunrise isn’t it?” to which I smiled in agreement but to myself I said – why couldn’t this guy crack a smile if the sunrise is so great? It is a short distance around Kendrick Lake. The runner passed me at least 3 more times and I am happy to report that he flashed a big smile each time.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger George said...

You get up 2 hours before the sun comes up?

You go girl:-)

PS-Wal-Mart sells cheap tripods, I bought one there for less then 20 bucks.


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