Thursday, January 04, 2007

mesmerized by the ice...

...I spent a little time this morning at the edge of the lake. After a short cross-country trek through the deep snow, a nice flat rock and the warmth of the new sun beckoned me to pause and reflect...

From where I sat, the sun began to spread across a section of highly textured ice and footprint-snow-covered ice. My feet resting on the thick mantle of ice, the water underneath alive and lapping, I waited for the light to get high enough in the sky to illuminate some of the beauty that I was seeing.

Fall leaves embedded in the ice, almost as if they stored some of fall’s warmth to create a winter resting place.

Geese footprints swept out in a most whimsical pattern, no shortest path between two points for them!


At 6:03 AM, Anonymous paul said...

What beautiful sights to behold. I really like the frozen leaf. The shots look so peaceful and calm.


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