Sunday, January 08, 2006

reflections at Belmar

When I moved to Denver 16 years ago, I was newly divorced with two young children.  I had left my home in an aspen grove to live the single parent life in an apartment in the city.  I soon discovered Belmar Park across the busy highway that offered me some peace.  I decided to return to this park today to see how it looked after many years since I last visited.  It was quite dark and I had to put on more layers against the rather bitter cold wind.  I scouted around for places to photograph once the sky began to lighten.  The theme for the day became reflections.  Even in the darkness, I could see reflections of the lamppost light on the waters of Kountze Lake, itself full of motion and reflections over it’s wind-whipped surface.  It is a noisy park on this day and time, the geese and the slapping of the water against the edge of the lake.  This lake sits adjacent to the site of a demolished mansion, replaced with an unimaginative office complex.  The only remnant of the former owner is the white marble guardian landing and terrace.  It is a beacon to the past with the lights of the office complex framing it in reflection on the water.

Soon, as color began to wash across the sky, several other city dwellers came out for their morning activities.  I imagine that some of these are Belmar’s regulars.  I walk around seeing the geese in so many poses, on the ice, in the water, in lines stretching across the lake, in the air.  They are the true regulars.

Although this lake is far from pristine, it is a link to nature and without this link, how can anyone be at peace?


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Gorgeous! Something comforting about that first picture.


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