Saturday, September 02, 2006

back on the trail

Finally, I got back to the top of my mountain. I have told myself many a time over the last few months that I wanted to start hiking Green Mountain again. But there always seemed to be some excuse or even occasionally a real reason not to! Yesterday, I repeated it to myself enough times to make it stick. I got up a little after five, fed the cats and drove to the parking lot. My one concession is that I didn’t want to over-stress my out-of-shape self too much by adding that extra mile walking to the parking lot from home. It was dark and cloudy. Even though I knew there would be no beautiful sunrise, foggy weather is quite captivating up on the mountain.

The parking lot was empty except for the silver Ford that has always been there for as long as I have hiked the mountain regularly. Otherwise, I saw no one and had no problems. It was quiet, calm and damp. I took a few photos and felt thankful to be back on the trail. When I left the house, the streets were dry but by the time I got close to the tower, mist filled the air. I kept going to the top because I have always set that as a goal; to reach the top.

Someone has been active building simple rock cairns scattered across the summit, like foggy sentinels.

The top was enveloped in light mist adding to the mystery. After photographing the cairns, I put all of my warm clothes on and packed my camera away and headed down the trail.
Total time at the end was 2 hours and 15 minutes.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger the old bag said...

love the cairns -- testament to existence: I was here!


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