Sunday, April 29, 2007

drenched in pink

(Common Chokecherry)

Wasn’t I just talking about snow? In contrast, we have reached 80º F both yesterday and today. Many of our fruit trees and native flowering shrubs are at their peak of display.

(three cormorants - underwater!!)

Yesterday, I returned to a city lake that I haven’t been to since a frozen morning this past winter. Sloan’s Lake is home to many cormorants. They are fun to watch and frustrating to try and photograph. As soon as you fix your camera on them, they dive completely under the water. Sloan’s Lake is a much bigger lake than most of the others that I photograph regularly. Soon it will be open for boating.

(city reflections)

This morning I returned to Addenbrook Park where the geese made a point to swim by and check me out. Both mornings were drenched in pink. It is a notable change from earlier in the year when these cloudless mornings tended to have rather pale colorless sunrise.

(Canada geese at Addenbrook Park)

I am getting close to leaving for my work detail in Albuquerque. I will relocate there for 10 weeks. My job will be on a crew conducting endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher surveys on the Rio Grande. We will walk the riparian area on both sides of the river where we will listen and look for these birds. I have never done one of these surveys before but I am very excited to have the experience. We will work the hours that the birds are active: from sunrise to about 11:00 a.m. Can you believe that? I will be on the Rio Grande for sunrise every weekday for 10 weeks. Since my background is in field biology, I know that this will be challenging (being out in the elements) and that I will see things that you just don’t get to see when you get out in nature for just a little bit of time.

I am going to live with my sister and she is letting me bring my cat, Wiskerz. My dad also lives in town, so I will have the opportunity to spend extra time with him. It will be hard to leave my home and my sons but I think that they are quite capable of being on their own AND taking care of home! It won't be hard to leave my office!! (did I say that??)

Just think of the opportunities for sunrise photography??

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At 10:11 PM, Anonymous William said...

beautiful, ...good luck out there

At 7:52 AM, Anonymous paul said...

Kathy, first let me say that those are some beautiful photos. My favorite of these is City Reflections! Gorgeous!

Your upcoming trip sounds like it will be a wonderful experience. 10 weeks on the Rio Grande, sunrise to 11:00 AM. I'm sure that it will still be work, but it seems as though it would really beat office work! :-)

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Photo Buffet said...

Kathy, your lake photos are so serene. I could sit and stare. I once met an old man on the Oregon coast, who was dying of cancer. His doctor prescribed something that had extended his life beyond what anyone anticipated. "Find a body of water and sit close to it every day."

He chose the ocean because it was the closest, and he spent many peaceful mornings and evenings there. I imagine he would have loved this sunset, as well.


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