Thursday, January 01, 2009

continuing the coffee theme into 2009 .....

I'm feeling smarter already! Thanks, Claire for the gift of coffee - this IS really good!

It has been a long and difficult fall. I have been buried under a heavy workload which will continue at least through January. I enjoy everything that I am doing but it is frustrating to have to compromise on things due to time constraints. Ah well, that is life. I am in good spirits and look forward to this new year as a time to pursue bigger and better things.

I have been a bad girl - even though I can't afford it, I have just ordered a new camera, lens and tripod. I love my camera but I decided to give my one good lens to my son who is living in Paris. As he said, he will put it to good use! We share a love of photography so we both know the value of a good lens. I am seriously not into equipment - I can look anytime on flickr and see hundreds of wonderful photos taken with lowly point-and-shoot cameras. But .... you can do so much more with better equipment. I have lost patience with cheap tripods. I have gone through 4 of them now and the latest deserves to be thrown into traffic and run over with malice! I often shoot with a tripod even in good light situations - maybe because I drink too much coffee! So the new equipment is a commitment to stepping up my skill as a photographer. It already brings me a ton of enjoyment - this is one resolution that will be a pleasure to pursue. Does that make it cheating?? Aren't resolutions supposed to be things we hate?



At 7:21 PM, Blogger Steve Skinner said...

I started 2009 correctly myself this AM with a trip to the coffee shop for a cup of liquid gold. Best wishes for a great New Year!


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