Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a new phase - starting over

I am adjusting to being back at home. Two months is a long time to be away. I am going through my photos and savoring all of the adventures. Sitting in an office in front of a computer is a bit of a shock - not to mention the schedule change. I am thoroughly used to a nap in the afternoon.

My first sunrise back home was a little experience in near disaster. Not a disaster of any significant proportions but it shook me up none the less! I drove down to one of my favorite lakes and started to take photos of a deep rich sunrise looking over the lake. It felt SO great to be back at a lake - there are so few in Albuquerque!) But then, the camera wouldn't turn on - YIKES - was my perfect record of daily sunrise photos for almost a year to sink here on my first day back home??? I had left my battery at home - and I wasn't even sure where. I ran to my car and drove home (rather impatiently.) Luckily. I found the battery right away and headed up to Top of the World Park where I captured a gorgeous sunrise disk. Thank goodness I had a few minutes to spare and thank goodness that the sunrises here are often so colorful AND go through so many phases - especially on this morning!

I feel welcome at home. One door closes - another opens.

just for the sake of beauty - a gate I enjoyed seeing as I drove by in Albuquerque


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Welcome back!


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