Saturday, August 11, 2007

Which way should I go?

Some mornings when I arrive at the lake, it is totally quiet and the surface of the water is as smooth as glass. I may hear geese somewhere across the lake or see a few lines of current and varying shades of color in the distance. But it seems almost as if Mother Nature is holding her breath in anticipation of the beauty that is about to unfold.

This morning was quiet; I saw no one for the first minutes. However still the air seemed, the surface of the lake was crisscrossed with lines of motion. How could that be with the air so still? Unlike some mornings, there were many geese riding the current, arranged in lines stretching out across the entire lake surface.

It seems as if the lake has an energy of its own.

A peach glow stretched out across the horizon and I could anticipate an approaching intense color in the bands of gray clouds. At 1.2 miles around, it is not possible to be everywhere around the lake for a good photo angle when the color is at its best. Every morning is a game of which way should I go? You may see me hurrying west with a brilliant sunrise behind me as I rush to a spot that I know will be best – or - possibly off to the east to carefully descend those old remnant steps to the lake surface for a view of sunrise glow on the surface of the water with the lavender sky above the front range mountains in the background.

For you see, there really is something special about every view of the lake.

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At 7:29 PM, Blogger Cool Daddio said...

I can certainly see how you could never get tired of these scenes.


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