Sunday, July 29, 2007

dragon boat festival

Today I went to the Colorado Dragon Boat Race festival at Sloan's Lake in Denver. I have wanted to go for years - I never seem to get around to it. All of a sudden, here it was and I decided to go and take photos. The festival always seems so colorful.

best seat in the house

It wasn't at all what I expected! The whole weekend was rather cloudy and threatened to rain off and on. Expecting lots of color, I was surprised at what I found. For me the beauty was in the sheer physical effort of the crews as they raced to grab the flag at the finish line, the enthusiasm of the spectators and .....the clouds. The color of the boats and the crews was reduced to shapes against the backdrop of spectacular skies. I posted my favorites on flickr.

bringing in Mooo Dragon

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At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

Kathy, it's good to have you back!


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