Wednesday, March 04, 2009

and so it goes...

couple talking at Obama Acceptance Speech, Denver 2008

Just a quick update. My Aunt definitely has a mind of her own even if it is diminished! She has refused a second time to come home with me. Now she says it would have been a good idea but it is too late now. So, my sister and I head to New York again this weekend to help settle anything that she wants. We are rather out of ideas since our overwhelming desire is not to force her into anything she doesn't want to do. The last thing would be to have her put someplace against her will. We are hoping some good ideas will present themselves to us. Or we will just struggle along and manage. It is not ideal but sometimes that is the way life is. It seems apparent to us that our society really doesn't do a very good job with end-of-life issues. We joke that this is a good education for us - now in our mid-late 50's (and beyond).

Other than that I toil away trying to get critical things done at work so that I will be free of them when I go to Paris to visit my son. We have decided to take a short trip to Rome while I am there. Why? Because I want to photograph some ancient Roman aqueducts. What else?

photo by mattta courtesy of flickr



At 7:04 PM, Blogger ellie said...

Ah that's where you are, back in New York. Some time things just need being taken care of. And I forgot about Paris you lucky kitty.


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