Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy's paw

very cute....but less so when it is poking you at 3 a.m. for a little attention!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

catching my breath

Where has the time gone?

Life is pulling me in all directions and I am quite enjoying it. I have had to go on some "business trips" (collecting data from a kayak, visiting some potential wetlands), I did adopt that other cat so I am the proud parent of two shelter cats, and I have lent support to my older son who graduated this month from college. What a ride!!

My work continues to be a joy - SO different from my old position. Let's just say that my old position was not a good fit - for about 16 years!

about kitties: We returned to the first shelter and without any undue angst, brought home Blackie. Buried in his paperwork was a note that he had been adopted once and returned because he jumped and attacked the other pets! Blackie is two and very small. We said to ourselves - our little Blackie? no way. He is intensely curious about EVERYTHING. He is friendly but also "his own cat" (what cat isn't??) About a week after he arrived, he let down his guard and started jumping and attacking Mr. Boots now known as Happy! Does Happy seem like a dumb name? Yes - unless you know Happy. He is the most sweet, mellow cat I have ever known. After a little concern, it became apparent that Blackie and Happy are playing like kittens. They roam the house together looking for trouble, they sleep together and sometimes play a little rough and tumble. Little Blackie is the instigater but Happy is a willing participant. So as these things work out, the two new kitties are buddies and Pat is the crabby elder cat. At first, Pat hissed but now just goes about its business. They are not the buddies that I had imagined. For a while, Pat did less lick-shaving. But now it goes in cycles. My vet said that anti-depressants might help but since Pat seems to tolerate the strange habit - why put the kitty on drugs?

Yes, my son has graduated and will be heading to graduate school and a master's program in Switzerland. There are no words to express how proud I am of him. He has worked very hard and it has not been an easy road.

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