Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where in the world have I been?

I haven't even looked at my blog in almost four months! So I had no idea that I had left a snowman in charge. Yikes! We have had a light summer (cool and rainy) and now a touch of fall is definitely in the air. Where has the time gone?

On May 10th, Mother's Day, I finally managed to get my Aunt on a plane and we both began a new chapter in our lives. It has been and continues to be an eye-opening experience. Learning how to live with and manage a person with Alzheimer's is probably good that I have a ton of patience AND I blundered ahead without thinking too much about the consequences of my actions! She is a very interesting person and a force to be reckoned with. I am learning all kinds of things that I was not aware of starting with how things were done during the depression.

I haven't been away from home for even one night since the day she arrived but I am feeling like I might want to get away - maybe an overnight trip to Austin to see my favorite guitarist, Eric Johnson, play a concert with Alien Love Child.

Update to the update...

Last weekend, I managed to get away for one night. Lots of prep and some worry but away I went. Eric played very well, the night was gorgeous, the company very fine and it was fun to meet some EJ forum people. Austin is much bigger than I imagined and the environment was very beautiful. As a biologist/botanist, I would love to explore that Texas hill country.