Sunday, October 11, 2009

hard cold reality

dreaming of the south of France!
Time seems to move both at warp speed and painfully slow. I feel on the verge of some kind of break through in life as if I could be getting a handle on care taking someone with Alzheimer's. But then my Aunt throws me a curve ball and I muddle through some kind of adjustment. We joke that my Aunt is in her second childhood but make no mistake, there are many differences. When you explain something to a child, there is some expectation that they will remember some of it. With an Alzheimer's patient, that expectation can often be wishful thinking. I have tons of patience and I couldn't survive without it. You really can't reason with someone who has Alzheimer's either; they have their own unique way of looking at things.
Stubborn might be the perfect way to label my Aunt.

Tonight we had a 'discussion' of what she needs to do about being an organ donor. Recently, when we got her a new state issued I.D., she expressed a desire to be an organ donor. I told her that informing me and having the signed document indicating her preference to be an organ donor was all she needed to do. She spoke of it over and over. Questions, What condition are my organs in? Which ones are suitable for use by someone else? What illnesses have I had over the years that would exclude certain organs for use by someone else??
I kept telling her that they would check any of her organs before use for their suitability AFTER she dies. I had to tell her all of these things at least six times before she moved on to some other concern.

If there are bonus points to be earned in this universe for patience, I am building up a sizable account. But I think I do need to go to caregivers school!