Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's official...back in the saddle

After several years and a life going in quite a number of directions, I have FINALLY re-centered and am back to sunrise hiking to the top of Green Mountain. I am less rigid than I was in the previous go-round. Some days, I don't hit the trail until just before sunrise (or even AFTER sunrise). I have yet to make it to the top by sunrise. On early days, I am at the tower by sunrise. None of this phases me as I am back in my element. The lighting, the colors, the company, the enormous feeling of well-being and the great endorphin highs are making me feel on top of the world. It is amazing how such a little hike (~3 miles RT and maybe~1000 ft elevation gain) can turn a life around.

About a month ago, I had a chance encounter with someone who sparked me to start back. It has to do with wanting more out of life and knowing that being in good physical shape is an integral part of it. If you have ever been an athlete or something akin to that, you know the feeling that exercise generates. It is a love affair that generates its own energy which in turn, makes you want to continue. Call it what you want, if you can get over that threshold, you won't want to stop. I have tried going to the gym and it just isn't the same. I get far more out of my sunrise hikes than physical conditioning. There is a spiritual side that is so intense that words to describe it are nearly impossible to find.

As before, there is a camaraderie with some of the other souls out at this time. You can tell by the knowing smile on their faces as we pass each other. It is as if we share a special secret, a special key to feeling good. We know we have found a treasure and we are more than willing to share it.