Sunday, November 25, 2007

their job now done

I love the first weeks of winter when the trees have finally let go of all of their leaves. Perched in the extravagant display of branches are many formerly hidden nests, both birds and squirrels … their job now done.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

night shot of my buddy

the story of Buddy....

Earlier this fall, my car was totaled in a rear end collision. For some reason, I got a decent insurance settlement and I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a motor scooter rather than put the money toward another car. I have two other cars, two sons in college (who can easily share one car) and I live close to work with very easy access to the bus that takes me right to work - it even drops me off in front of the building I work in. I would probably be getting rid of one of the cars in the next few years anyway. I have had my eye on a scooter for several years - having test driven a Vespa two or three years ago. Vespa's are very expensive but now there are quite a lot of viable, less expensive alternatives. I did a web search and decided that I would like a Buddy made by Genuine Motor Scooter Company. I went in and tested the 49 cc and the 125 cc and decided on the Buddy 125 series Italia. I am a sucker for things’ green. I figured I will probably only be in this buying situation once in my lifetime. (Even though my son accused me of stopping for a yellow light recently as a way of sacrificing a second car to rear end demolition!) I ride Buddy to work and on errands. I strapped a small basket (my neighbor calls it my Toto basket) to the rear rack allowing me to carry a few groceries (plus there is storage under the seat).

I have experienced a steep learning curve with the scooter. I was terrified the first times I rode it. In fact, I would sit on it in my driveway gathering my courage to head down the hill and out into traffic. But now two months later, I find myself scheming for opportunities to ride Buddy. Tomorrow, I need to take one of the cars in for electrical repairs so I probably cannot ride Buddy. Yet, tomorrow is supposed to be a fantastic fall day to be followed by a day of deteriorating weather. I need to be practical. I want to ride Buddy!

I can't say what is right for you but I am having a great time - commuting just got a lot more fun.

to be continued ...


Friday, November 16, 2007


I am thoroughly enjoying my scooter these days. Warm weather still embraces us most days although I saw a news article asking:
"Would we be buried in snow next week?"
It is not as if I don’t notice the beautiful skies on the way to and from work in the car, but on the scooter my senses are overwhelmed. Tonight it was breathtaking. I hurried home to try and catch a photo or two. Little did I know that 20 miles away my 19-year-old son had pulled over on his way home to take photos of the same incredible sky from a slightly different perspective.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Riverside Cemetery on Veteran's Day, 2007

stepping into the past - Civil War Veterans

Denver skyline in the distance

The stone markers are not in even rows like more recent military graves - different heights, twisted this way or that, some straight, some leaning...

So many stories are told while walking and reading the remembrances - wondering about the rows of "Unknown US Soldiers" there are so many...

Melvin died a prisoner of war at age 23

life has gone on without them


Thursday, November 08, 2007

the Queen's last hurrah

Trying to capture the beauty of the Emerald Queen Maple wearing the last of her fall coat. By this time tomorrow, the leaves will all have fallen away, revealing our Winter Queen.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

gaining perspective but not "growing up"

Pat surveys the newly raked front yard

Things are looking up. It is hard to stay depressed with the beautiful fall leaves and deep blue sky and those last warm days before winter hits us hard. One recent fun time was a three day stretch when I went to see one of my favorite musicians, Eric Johnson, perform. I saw him in Beaver Creek at the Vilar Center, in Denver at the Soiled Dove Underground and at the Fox Theater in Boulder. My friend and fellow Eric Johnson enthusiast, Lois, flew in from Minnesota to stay with me and go to the concerts. On the second night, we really lucked out and were given backstage passes. We had our photos taken with Eric and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I just sent the photo to a young friend. Her comment was, " you look like a hippie" I had to laugh - for several reasons. (1) I hated the way my hair looked in the photo so much that I went to the hairdresser the next week and had it shortened and permed! Honestly, I was alarmed that Eric's hair looked better than mine. Call me old fashioned. (2) I wasn't insulted by being called a hippie - because I grew up in those hippie days and so in some ways, I am one!
At age 54, I have first hand knowledge of those times.

I love being this age - it is wonderful to have some perspective on life.

Pat surveys the leaf -covered front yard the next morning!