Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama fever and Palin headache...

I was fortunate to score a ticket to Obama's acceptance speech at the last minute. I am working on a post for that but not quite finished. My lame excuse is that I need to do a little more processing of my photos! Meanwhile, I have spent too many hours looking into this person that McCain selected for his running mate. I am appalled at his choice and even more disgusted with the rancorous months that lay ahead as we argue endlessly over everything under the sun. Without denigrating her, I do not believe she has the experience to handle this job or the job of the presidency. If you have ever hired people, it is not a difficult conclusion. I am even more appalled that we are so willing to lower the standards for this job because we are involved in the politics AND she is a spunky, no-nonsense maverick or some such claims.
Should we not talk about RELEVANT experience?

As I work through all of this, I continue to take pictures and I am NOW going to be buying Photoshop CS3 for home use. Finally!! I am very excited to have it available to continue learning.

Work has kept and continues to keep me busier than a person should be. I have some upcoming travel that is going to be very exciting - a wetland in Oregon, another visit to my Aunt in New York City and who knows where else.
I am also saving my money for a spring trip to Paris, since my older son leaves Wednesday to start graduate school there.

Wasn't it nice of him to work hard and get accepted into École normale supérieure ?

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

rainy night in Denver

Tonight, Denver sits at about 50° with rain falling off and on since yesterday morning. It poured while I was picking up my peaches this morning. During a lull, I went out and bought a bushel of roasted green chile. After forgetting to buy any last year until it was too late, this year I jumped at the first chance. All you have to do is head to Federal Blvd. north or south of 6th Avenue and stop at one of the many chile roasters set up along the way. They roast them for you on the spot – it just takes a few minutes.

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It is early Saturday morning on a day I have been waiting for...

the annual Golden Rotary peach sale. Every year at this time, they ship a couple of semi-trucks full of Grand Junction peaches over here for us Front Range folks. Grand Junction (& Fruita and Palisade & ?) have peaches that can compete with the best of them.
You know what I mean - if you have been fortunate enough ever to have any....

I never pre-order - I just drive over early and get in the no-pre-order line (often shorter than the pre-sold line!). Better get going!

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Haven for what?

My 85 year old Dad just came for a visit. Since I don't have t.v. I had to think of ways to entertain him. Since we lived in this part of Colorado in several homes and locations going back to 1954, I thought of taking us all on an "old home tour." I will tell that story another day after I have scanned the old photos of our homes.

We stopped at a park for lunch and along one side was this house for sale. As I was eating my lunch, I had thoughts of living in the tiny village where I spent my first years - in a cool little fixed up home. I decided to have a peek and let my imagination run wild.

"Haven Properties" may be a fine little company but the name stuck out like a sore thumb in front of this place. The yard is completely overgrown and tinder-dry (not unlike the rest of Colorado!) and somehow, this little house did not give off any cute little fixed-up vibes!

It seems that it is a haven for wasps - one of my least favorite creatures on this planet.

No Thanks Haven Properties
I think I will put my imagination to work fixing up the much bigger fixer-upper that I already own.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

a turn towards botany

Blueberry's questions about Equisetum have set off a whole round of thoughts and possible schemes. I have been fascinated by Equisetum ever since I first learned about it in my botany classes way back in college. A little research turns up comments such as "prehistoric" "living fossils" and "Coal Age." When I see this plant, in my imagination, I think of 400 million year old trees.

Equisetum = horsetails = scouring rush

It is related to ferns, sexually reproduces by spores or vegetatively by cuttings of the rhizomes. It gets one of its names, scouring rush, from the fact that the plant cells are filled with silica and has been used to sand things like clarinet reeds and pots and pans.

Does it require a lot of water? Simple answer - yes. One of the species, E. arvense is suited to a little drier environment but some warn that it can become an aggressive invader. E. hyemale definitely likes to have it rhizomes in water. Many sites recommend planting it in containers. Will it grow in Austin? I don't know for certain but I would say yes since it is so widely distributed.

I am going to plant some. My first choice is to find some to dig up and grow from root stock. It is quite common here in Colorado. Otherwise, you can do a google search and find nurseries that sell it. Good luck to you if you decide to try it - I'll keep you posted on any progress on my part. (don't hold your breath - all things in good time)

Now, where should I plant it? I am working on a vision!

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